Christmas Gift Wrap

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our tax deductible donation helps unwanted, neglected and abandoned Bernese Mountain Dogs find their forever homes. Before a dog is adopted he is examined and treated by a veterinarian. Usually the dog needs to be spayed or neutered, vaccinated and treated for various medical conditions such as dental disease. The adoption fee falls short in covering vet expenses. Your generosity enables ABMDR to rehome healthy Berners!

ABMDR is selling T-shirts to raise funds for Bernese Rescue. The shirts, as modeled here by Benson, say "Arizona Sun — But It's a Dry Drool", perfect for our upcoming Arizona summer. They are available in tan, grey and black colors and in sizes medium, large, X-large and XX-large. They are priced at only $15 and the shipping is FREE! To order a shirt, just click this link. And thanks for your purchase.


Hale Pet Door has a program called the Pet Rescue Rewards Program. If you have a rescued pet, you'll get 10% off your new pet door and they will donate that amount to the shelter or rescue group of your choice including Arizona Bernese Mountain Dog Rescue. For information, go the their website at

The ABMDR annually participates in a Christmas Gift Wrap Fundraiser held at the Changing Hands Bookstore, 6428 McClintock Drive, Suite C101, Tempe, Arizona. We are always looking for new ideas to help raise funding to support the foster care and rehoming of Bernese Mountain Dogs in Arizona. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please contact us at If you wish to help with fund raising projects, please contact Lesley Baran at or 480-283-1846.


Thank you to all of our helpers