Our Lola is the perfect addition to our home. We enjoy taking walks with her at night and she plays every morning with our other dog Stella. They look like they have been sisters forever. Our family is complete now.


Kona is thriving here with all of her dog siblings. She has become the favorite of many family members and friends. I look in her eyes and just know she is happy to be with us. Thank you for allowing her a forever home. — Donna



We rescued Sherman from ABMDR in September 2013 — or maybe he rescued us! Sherman has been such a joy to us these past (almost) 5 years. He was our first Berner and has lived up to every behavior and quirk for which this lovable breed is known. He won us over immediately and he will forever have a special place in our hearts. When we rescued another Berner a year later (a female from a puppy mill), it was Sherman that taught Lily how to be a Berner and to trust and love. Sadly, we lost Lily to cancer in December 2016. Tragically, Sherman was diagnosed with the same histiocytic sarcoma in December 2017. However, with chemo and radiation, he is still with us. His days are numbered and we are ensuring that his comfort and quality of life are the best they can be. We owe Sherman so much for making our lives richer and we will never forget this amazing boy, Sherman the Tank, from Prescott, Arizona.


Bear brings such life and happiness to my home. I'm so grateful to have such a happy and loving dog in my home.


ZIGGY (on right)


Ellie is so sweet. She follows me everywhere and gives me lots of kisses. She loves traveling in the car and is very calm at home. I adore her!




Adopted by Melissa & Curt Fields




We've had Rocky for almost two months and feel like he's been here forever. He's gone on vacation where he loved the snow. He stared out the window of the car like the ground was covered with cheeseburgers. — Heather


Lucy's wonderful foster parents worked with her to begin her recovery from an abusive past. Since one of my passions is home renovation, my thoughts went to my local Home Depot. When the Home Depot staff learned of Lucy's story, they didn't hesitate to pitch in. Over the next eight months, they helped transform Lucy from a frightened bundle of nerves into a happy and confident dog. She responded so well that we became a pet therapy team for the Hospice of the Valley. Lucy has been a joy to the patients, their families and the staff. She's the sweetest girl and while Lucy is officially the rescued one here, I feel we really rescued each other. — Janice


My handsome Ranger is always ready and willing to participate in any activity that comes up. He loves to supervise yard work, play tag with the Corgis and race around the yard with his ball. Ranger passed his Delta Therapy Dog evaluation and is now a popular part of the Phoenix Children's Hospital Therapy Program. Patients, families and staff all love to see this happy guy arrive. He shares his special furry self by carefully snuggling up with a patient in bed. Ranger is a happiness magnet who brightens everyone's day. Cuteness, smartness and loyalty—what more could anyone want in a dog?—Diane


JOLLY BOY (Baran's Jolly Boy CD RN CGC CFD 18thGMDD  JHD-s)

JB was rescued from a family with a small female Boxer who was causing him to have submissive urination problems. I picked up 8-month-old JB in January 2008 as a foster dog. After a week with our other rescue dog and two cats, he adapted to his new environment and family. The urination stopped immediately with outside access. JB has turned into an active and achieving boy with titles in Obedience, Rally, Draft and Herding. We are very happy to have JB as part of the family. All it takes sometimes is to provide the proper love and environment. — Bill Baran






Sasha is doing great, a complete joy and thriving in her new environment. She spends her time between the cabin and the new house. Couldn't be happier! — Mike



Success Stories



Max was left outside in a dirt backyard with a bully dog as his only playmate. He was rescued and given a safe and loving place to live. He loves his new home and follows his dad everywhere.