Rescue FAQ

Here are answers to common questions people have regarding the adoption of a Bernese Mountain Dog

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Do I have to fill out an adoption application when inquiring about available dogs?

Yes, the Rescue needs to know about potential adoption families to best fit the needs of the rescued animal. Each rescue dog is unique. Some have special concerns that need to be addressed. Some are fearful, some aggressive, some have physical ailments and some have dog conflict issues. The Rescue will evaluate each home to see if it can meet the needs of the dog. If the home and the dog seem like a good fit, you will be contacted by the Rescue.

How often do dogs become available?

We may not have a dog for months, then get 2 or 3 in a week. It's best to check the website regularly. The Rescue has to take a dog into foster care, have it medically checked, evaluated by a foster family and then put up for adoption. This process may take time. We are working in the best interest of the dog so it will have a forever home.

Are the rescue dogs spayed or neutered?

Yes, each dog will be unable to reproduce when it is adopted.

Where can I find out specifics about a dog available for adoption?

We will only list a dog as available for adoption when we have all the important information. The dog's age, medical status, special traits, special needs and any important background information need to be obtained before the dog is listed. Then a description will be put on the website with the dog's picture under Available Dogs.

Are rescue dogs different from other dogs? (Also see #1 above.)

Dogs are turned over to the Rescue for numerous reasons such as behavior problems, physical problems, changes in the owner's living conditions, death or inability of the owner to care for the dog and conflicts with other animals. Sometimes it is just a rehome for the animal. This is why the Rescue has a process in place to care for these animals before they are placed in a new home. Please be patient because this is for the dog's best interest in finding the perfect forever home.

To report a Bernese Mountain Dog in need of rescue or to inquire about adopting a rescued Bernese Mountain Dog, please contact us at